“Being the most natural form of all the diverse modes of human communication, dialogue is the conditio sine qua non of all human activity, and homo sapiens, as someone taking part in meetings, conversations, disputes and discussions […], almost constantly finds himself in dialogue situations – he permanently ‘mixes dialogically’ with other people. Hence, it is entirely justifiable to describe modern man as homo dialogicus” [1]. The above conclusions provided inspiration for formulating the title of this scientific journal.

Dialogues on Culture and Education is the second, besides Pampaedia – Leszczyńskie Studia Humanistyczne (Pampaedia – Leszno Humanistic Studies), scientific journal published by The King Stanisław Leszczyński Higher School of Humanities in Leszno – a higher education institution which ever since its foundation in 2001 has gained recognition as a thriving academic establishment with substantial scientific potential, and has enjoyed high prestige both in the local community (noted for its high educational aspirations) and in the region (boasting a long tradition in the field of education and renowned for its nationally recognized educational institutions).

The journal is intended to provide a forum for an interdisciplinary scientific discourse among scholars representing Polish and foreign academic and research centres, focusing on areas outlined in the journal’s title and viewed from the perspective of cultural anthropology, philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, law, and theology. The task of defining the scientific profile of Dialogues has been assigned to an international Editorial Advisory Board composed of distinguished scholars and experts whose scientific interests and achievements are focused on areas falling within the journal’s scope. We are delighted that they have agreed to join us.

The journal will be published twice a year, each issue being focused on a specific problem. Only original papers, which have not been published before, will appear in Dialogues.

We are deeply indebted to all those who have contributed to the creation of Dialogues on Culture and Education, and we cordially invite authors from various academic circles to publish their articles in our journal.

[1] U. Ostrowska: Dialog w pedagogicznym badaniu jakościowym, Kraków: Oficyna Wydawnicza „Impuls”, 2000, pp. 17–18.